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Friday, 13 April 2012

What's in my Bag?

I don't really like carrying a huge bag with me. I do have a backpack for work that I carry with me from Monday- Friday as I commute an hour to and from work; and with me I usually bring my Laptop and a lot of other essentials (i.e deodorant, body spray etc...)- my day typically consits of a minimum of 12 hours. EEK! So lugging around a huge bag with me just weighs me down! So I usually just carry around this clutch. It has the essentials.. cards, money, gum, and a few lip products/ a compact mirror. I can also fit my black berry in here plus my bronzer if I really need it. I am also always in a rush to get places so when I go out in the evenings I never have time to convert my things into a smaller clutch so I just carry this one with me everywhere! Its small enough to not get in the way yet big enough for me to take every where.

Hope you enjoyed! And Happy Friday the 13th!!

Sam xo

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