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Friday, 24 February 2012

A little R&R....

Candles are always part of my down time. Their warm scents create such a relaxing mood. Latley I have been favouring sweeter, warmer scents. However, in the summer I do tend to choose a fresh, upbeat, and fruity scent. I guess you can say that the candles I do choose favour the weather! Currently doing some work right now but cannot wait to go home later light a couple of candles and take a long hot bath!

Happy Friday!!

Sam xo


  1. i love candles too! I'm always trying to find them on sale at nordstroms

    1. Thanks Lady!

      I can only pop into a nordstroms every once in a while since I live in Canada (and shipping fee's would be way to crazy on a candle) but they are just amazing! :)