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Monday, 21 May 2012

April Favs 2012

OK- so this is extremely late; but I new I had too do it! Here are my April- and to be honest May Fav's. Like I said in a recent post I haven't been using foundation, or any BB Creams since March. I'm finding them too heavy for my face- they do not stick well and end up caking on my face. Even tinted moisturizer tends to give me lovely oil build up around my nose - not cute!

There is one product I have been lusting over, and that is the Origin's BB Cream. I went to my origins counter over a month ago and the SA was showing my tones of their new products- she did get me hooked on a few things but I wasn't quite sold on the BB cream. It definitely was smooth and soft, and not cackey at all- without having tried any Asian BB Creams this one was a winner for me! Unfortunately the price tag of $40 didn't suite my fancy that day and decided to pass; but ever since then I have been wondering... what if!? AH the troubles of a beauty addict!

I have recently scoured the Internet for the new MAC collection. And I must say I am disappointed! Of all the bronzer's they came out with in their line not one of them was matte- very sad. Looking at trying one of the Makeup Forever matte bronzer's- hmm there may be a Haul coming up!

Have a great week
Sam xo

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