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Monday, 30 July 2012

Some Recent Empties... plus some skincare fav's

Hello All!

I am terribly sorry for being away for so long (since April! CRAZAY!)

I have a full time job and things haven't slowed down 1 bit- any free time I get I sleep or am at the gym (I have a goal I am currently trying to hit- life blog soon to come? hmm...)

Anyways realized that I have used up quite a few skin care products, and one little beauty product.

Here's the rundown:
Clinique Acne control solutions (step two) - I believe I am now on my third bottle, I LOVE the stuff!

St. Tropez tanning mouse- OMG best self tanner ever- I was going to write a blog post on the tanner alone but I'll just do a slight ramble now. First time I tried it- took me 20 minutes to apply, gives me an amazing tan overnight, and lasts for a fair amount of time. Anddd Sam is in love- I currently have the full size and pretty sure it is half way through already!

Claudalee Beauty Elixir- went through the travel size at first (to test out if the hype was worth it... p.s. it was!) Went through the full size bottle. Currently half way through another full size and travel size. This stuff makes my skin glow- it's amazing!

Lush's Ocean Salt- nothing too special here. Really an over priced body scrub. Do I regret getting it - no. Have I re-purchased? no. It was bought for the sole purpose of self tanner application. It ran out.... I've moved on!

Origins Super Spot Remover- have problem acne at times? Have the urge to pick your face right off? ... Ok that one may be a little extreme but I suffer with mild acne; but mild acne that comes in bursts! Currently going through a wonderful wave of acne right now (DRAG!!!). So instead of irrattating my face further I use this stuff every night before bed and applied over top the instant night repair from Estee Lauder (It is the last step in my night time skin care routine). This stuff rocks. Seriously... Get it.

Bath and Body works- Heal of approval: So I have cracked feet.... like really bad cracked feet. So bad that even after I have a pedicure they return to their crocodile like state. Fantastic I know! So After years and years of pushing it off - my Mom shoved this in my hands and made me put it on at night, with socks on my feet! Three days later- cracked feet almost gone! Its amazing! I use this every night before I go to bed. I have since bought a full size as well as a travel size. I need this with me ALWAYS! P.S. I also use this on my knees or elbows before a fake tan application- as those areas can also get crocodile like ;)

Last but not least!
The MAC concealer - NW25 amazing stuff. I have since re-purchased. My Maybeline instant age rewind was giving me the hebegebees! The sponge looked so disgusting and I could just imagine what was living on it- Bleck! No thanks, so I went to MAC and repurchased... ahh so much for wanting a change; such a creature of habit!

So wow- this was a long post. Guess I've missed this! Hoping more posts will follow suit. In need of taking some FOTD pictures so people actually know what I look like! Also- I am wanting to do a review of my hair care latley, as I don't really do anything to it other than slap some really good hair products in and let is air dry. so far so good- and it doesn't take up any time! I know sleep in an extra 30 mins. AMEN!

Have a great week everyone!
Sam xo

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