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Monday, 12 November 2012

New Hair + My everyday makeup latley

So let's start things off by saying- I'm sorry I have been away for so long. Life caught up with me and so there was no time for blogging- Le Sigh! BUT I am back- and with some actual shots of myself! HOORAH! I know you haven't seen much of me in the past BUT yes I did cut off all of my hair! If you have seen posts of mine in the past you would remember that I did have LONG hair- I cut 22 inches off because I was tired of it! 2 hours to do your hair is a little much; so hear is what my locks look like now:

Back- not buzzed just cut very, very short

Think the 'POB' short on one side long on the other

And now to the makeup- I tried to get a step by step of what I use on my face :)
No- Makeup
Applying the Chantacaille just skin anti-smog tinted moisturiser in Glow. With a stipple brush from Sephora #75

Here I have curled my lashes; and added a pinky-gold shade from Lancome.

Shu-umera's are truly the best!
Lancome lip liner/stick in Charmed

And finished product! I used the badgal lash waterproof by benefit for the lashes.

Products used:

Exposed and dollface where also applied using a Sonia Kashuk stipple brush

Happy Monday!
Sam xo

Where Can I buy Chantacaille products you ask? In Canada, finding products can be a seriously tricky deal. Chantacaille is available at Holt Renfrew Stores; I purchased mine at the Toronto Location: 50 Bloor St.. you can also try ordering through Sak's Fifth- they do charge you duty though.

Holt Renfrew Store Locations:

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