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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Smasbox BB Cream - Light

 A while back I purchased the smasbox BB cream as a couple of people on YT were really recommending the product. It looked great on their skin and whilst browsing through Sephora during there 20% off VIB sale I decided to pick it up. Unfortunately, this will actually be a negative review from me, as this BB cream did NOT work for my skin. Upsetting- yes - but very thankful for Sephora's return policy as I ended up picking up the Boscia BB Cream instead (which is fantastic by the way- post coming soon)

The colour matched my skin perfectly! And usually as a tester for me I like to try textures on the back of my hand (for concealers, bronzers, cream blushes, foundation etc.) I can feel whether or not the substance I am trying- so in this case the BB Cream- to determine if it will smooth into my skin as I have larger pores on the centre of my face near my nose, as well as dry patches on my chin. If the substances can my blended in well than it's usually a winner for me- but if it builds up and cakes on the back of my hand I typically tend not to move forward with it.

Now the weird thing for me was this BB Cream blended into my skin amazingly and did not cake up at all. Which brings my to my very disappointed review. When first applied this BB cream was excellent: Blended in really well, colour match was spot on and it did not leave any oily build up around my T-zone (I thought we were off to a really great start!). As the day progressed I started to notice wear off on my chin; specifically right under my bottom lip- thought that was weird but proceeded anyways. After about 4 hours of wear I noticed that I had huge dry patched around my chin from this BB Cream. My skin was flaky and the dryness around the chin area was so noticeable. Not cool! I expected more from the BB Cream and was very disappointed. But thank you Sephora for having the great return policy for your customers (good on yah!)- I returned the bad for the good; Post coming soon!
Hope your week is going well! Happy Tuesday!
P.S. only 21 more days until Christmas!!

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