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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Essence in Canada?

Yup that's right!

And Sold at your Local Shopper's Drug Mart - well in Ontario it is at least!
The lovely European brand has made it's way over to Canada- and let me tell you- I was super excited (and maybe even slightly googly eyed) over this brand!

The nail polish here is priced at $1.49 a slight difference where I know in the UK you can get this brand for 99pents. I have used this nail polish twice since purchasing and it is pretty darn fantastic- in my eyes it's a runner up for Essie- super fast dry with great pigmentation. I am currently wearing the sparkly shade (in space queen) of the two shown in the picture but I am absolutely loving it - the second colour(modern romance) is a very pale pink but will make your hands look so tan!

The eye shadows almost remind me of the same kinds of textures that are made up of wet and wild.
They have both mattes and satin finishes and are super, super pigmented for only $5 I'd say that's a good deal! 
These two palettes are perfectly nude for me and I am loving the more taupe palette at the moment.
 Two palettes I bought were:
Over the Taupe & Would you mind? - the slightly more brown shaded palette

The mascara's were your typical mascara's- to me they were the same kind you would find in any brand - the only exception is that you have a choice of paying $3-$5 as opposed to $10-$14 for other mascara brands.
I do however really enjoy applying the (orange shaded tube) maximum definition volume mascara -it has a rubbery tapered head with very stiff fibbers- they do get every lash!
The other mascara - in the blue tube- just has a rather large head to it and is somewhat good for giving you more volume

Also grabbed the angled blush brush- I take my makeup with me every day, as I take an hour commute to get into work and most days for me are at least a minimum of 12 hours so touch ups are always more likely needed then not. I hate carrying around my makeup brushes so will suffice for shorter ones that one necessarily get the job done right but will at least aid in putting on some colour to my cheeks- thankfully I found this brush! It's perfect fits into my makeup bag wonderfully and does the same job a good normal sized angled blush brush would do for you! Plus the pink hairs make me giggly when I apply my blush! It was only $5 - great bargain in my mind!

If you get the chance I do suggest going into a Shoppers even if just to have a quick peek - bet you wont leave without one product!

xo Sam

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