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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Thoughts on Bioderma..

This has been given a lot of hype from many bloggers around the world. I thought I was going to have to go searching high and low for it; but managed to find it at my local Rexal PharmaPlus.... Unfortunately $22 later I have a face that is starting to heal from a massive breakout following only two uses of this.

The first time I used this makeup remover it actually didn't wash away my eye mascara, which was kind of annoying, but then when I went throughout the rest of my face it did take off my makeup like a dream. Second night using it I found the same results... and then the next morning I woke up with a heavy breakout of red dots around both eyes and two huge blemishes on both cheeks! AHH! I do have sensitive skin and so thought this would be ok for me but sadly it was not!!

I have heard one other blogger report a breakout but others have been fine. Now I do have combination skin and rosacea so I am not sure if this is why this did not work for me. But again, sadly it did not- so very disappointed!

These are just my thoughts on the product. I did give it to my friend who has less irritable skin(and her skin type is dry) so let's see if it works for her!

Hope this helps!

Sam xo

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